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As the only gold coin produced by the US Mint to contain 99.99% purity, the American Buffalo gold coin is a true icon among collectible bullion. It represents an excellent investment opportunity and given that US law demands that Buffalo Gold coins are only minted using newly mined gold, the quality of this cast is more than assured.

History of American Buffalo Gold Coins

The American Buffalo Gold Coin owes much of its popularity to the demands of global investors who sought bullion coins with 4 digit purity. They saw the need for a coin that could stack up against the already popular American Eagle and Canadian Maple leaf that were attracting a great deal of interest.

It was on account of the high demand for gold coins that the American Buffalo was introduced and it filled the gap in the market that investors in bullion had so astutely perceived.

The American Buffalo has been cast in a similar design to the 1913 American nickel which featured a buffalo and the head of a Native Indian realised by sculptor James Earle Fraser. It is considered that the original inspiration for the nickel’s design resulted from the time that Frazer spent living frontier life around the turn of the 20th century. These new gold coins are a tribute to both Fraser and Native American Indians.

Why buy Gold American Buffalo Coins

Thanks to the strict controls of the US Mint, buyers of Gold American Buffalo Coins can be confident they will be of the highest and most consistent quality. As with any officially minted coins, finished quality is assured by changing the dies as soon as there is any deviation from the set standards.

Coins purchased from reputable dealers will always reflect this quality and buyers/collectors can be 100% confident they will always get what they pay for. The old adage “if you buy right you can sell right” is certainly applicable to the American Buffalo Gold Coins, which is why gold coins are regarded as a sensible investment vehicle.

While real estate and bank deposits fluctuate and even collapse, gold has always remained a stable commodity. Historical charts show that when the money markets and other trading platforms have struggled, gold rises in value.

Design of American Gold Buffalo Coins

American Gold Buffalo Coins are cast at 32.7mm in diameter with a thickness of 2.95 and they weigh in at exactly 1oz. Finished with a reeded edge, the coins have a current legal tender valuation of fifty dollars. Their potential value, however, is related to the gold they contain and how much they are worth to collectors.

The obverse side of the coin sports the head of a Native American Indian that is purported to be a mix of chiefs from three different tribes who posed for the original sketches used for the design of the old nickel that the coin follows. The face of the coin also bears the minted date, the motto “Liberty”, and a small “F” that signifies the surname of the designer.

The reverse of the coin depicts an American bison that was reputed to have had his home in New York City’s Central Park Zoo around the beginning of the 19th century. The face value, gold purity, and the weight of the coin are also inscribed on the reverse.

American Buffalo Gold Coins: IRA Investment

With the American Buffalo listed as one of the 10 US gold coins that are accepted in IRA investment schemes, it makes an ideal if not, an essential investment opportunity as part of your financial planning.

Thanks to the sound performance of gold as both a commodity and a collectible investment, coins such as the American Buffalo make the ideal choice for investors. Consistent quality, historical culture, and “fall back” or residual value are all qualities that make American Buffalo gold coins attractive to investors and collectors alike.

International recognition and the global acceptance of gold make the American Buffalo Gold Coin the perfect choice for any Gold IRA portfolio.

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