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  • 999.9 fineness
  • Legal tender in the UK
  • Backed by UK Government
  • Minted to highest bullion standard
  • Eligible for Gold IRA

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First struck in 1987, the British Britannia Gold coin became an instant success and, alongside the British Gold Sovereign, is a flagship product of the Royal Mint. Made from 99.99% gold content and manufactured to the highest standards of engineering, the Britannia gold coin boasts financial and numismatic value, making these superfluous coins an ideal addition to any investment portfolio.

History of British Britannia Gold Coins

Established in 886, the Royal British Mint is the second oldest mint in the world, but did not start manufacturing Britannia gold coins as an investment tool until 1987. Regarded among the most attractive coins in the world, the British Britannia gold coin has a long, illustrious history that adds to its charm and mystery.

The iconic image of the heroic Britannia, the venerated ‘Goddess of Protection,’ reflects the personification of Britain as an all-conquering nation throughout it victorious past. Revered since Roman times, the enigmatic goddess first appeared on British coins during the reign of Hadrian in AD 119 and was revived by Charles II in 1672.

When the British Gold Britannia coin was introduced by the Royal Mint as an investment tool in 1987, the coins were manufactured with a .917 fineness and alloyed with silver. However, advanced technology enabled the Royal Mint to improve their engineering prowess, and since 2013 have been producing Britannia bullion to a fineness of .9999.

Why buy Britannia gold coins

The gold Britannia coin was the first investment coin in Europe and eclipsed the success of the Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand and the American Eagle, all of which maintain their status as leading coins and which are also eligible for a Gold IRA.

Regarded as the world’s premier mint, Britain’s Royal refinery sets the standards for modern coin manufacturing, craftsmanship and prestige. Made from 24-karat gold, the Britannia is among the Royal Mint’s finest collection and is backed by the UK Government.

Gold Britannia coins are high in liquidity, and because precious metals have a strong history as an investment vehicle, are a sensible choice to diversify your investment portfolio. Gold is proven to perform well in an economic downturn and is used by professional traders to hedge against currency-backed investments.

Design of Britannia gold coins

Britannia enjoys great popularity in the UK but is more than a symbol of protection. Standing in her heroic pose with her trident in hand and wind-swept robe blowing behind her, the Roman Goddess is an iconic image with an enduring presence.

The design has changed several times in the last few years to mark special occasions, but the unmistakable portrait of Britannia’s shield bearing the Union Jack rendered by Philip Nathan remains a constant.

On the obverse side of the Britannia gold coins is the bust of Queen Elizabeth II. Coins issued up to 1998 feature the “Third Portrait” of Her Majesty, but since then, the mature “Fourth Portrait” has featured.

British Britannia Gold Coins: IRA Investment

Only British Gold Britannia coins from 2013 can be used as an investment tool for Gold IRA’s. It was in 2013 when the Royal Mint increased the gold content of the Britannia from 22 karats to 24 karats thus meeting the criteria US investment laws determine gold coins must meet in order to be considered for a retirement plan.

With high-profit potential due to their popularity and quality of fineness, the prestigious Gold Britannia coins represent an excellent choice of investment and are available in four denominations; one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and one-tenth.

Furthermore, Britannia gold coins are recognised internationally and qualify as legal tender in the UK. Because gold has the ability to hold value, Britannia gold coins, together with other British coins, the contemporary Queen’s Beast and the highly collectable British gold Shengxiao Lunar Series, are a premium bullion investment that should not be missing from any Gold IRA.

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