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  • .999 fineness
  • Limited mintage
  • Backed by Chinese Reserve Bank
  • Minted to bullion standard
  • Eligible for Gold IRA


Due to its adorable design and high purity gold content, Chinese Gold Panda Coins are among the most popular gold bullion coins on the market. Issued by the People’s Republic of China, the coins pay tribute to China’s national animal and the country’s religious history, attributes which make these highly collectible gold coins an asset that would grace any investment portfolio.

History of Chinese Gold Panda Coins

The loveable panda is a globally renowned species as rare as the bullion coins that pay tribute to this beloved national treasure. With world concerns over the survival of Pandas, China decided to produce gold coins to help raise awareness and remind people of the plight that threatens this endangered species.

First minted in 1982, Gold Chinese panda coins are produced by several mints across China, including, but not limited to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. Thanks to it high gold content, intricate designs, and meticulous engineering, the Chinese Gold Panda collection are considered to be one of the best bullion coins to invest in.

Why buy Chinese Panda Gold Coins

Chinese Panda gold coins are regarded as a mark of stability against inflation. Gold is a trusted commodity used by traders to hedge against paper-based assets, therefore making gold Chinese Panda coins a highly sought-after investment.

Although censorship laws in the Republic of China restrict access to the precise details of engineering, experts confirm gold coins made in China are meticulously made using some of the most advanced minting techniques of the modern age.

Their original values were made in conjunction with the Yuan and sold as legal tender in the People’s Republic of China in dominations ranging from 500 to 10 Yuan. 1oz. is equal to 500 Yuan and so on and so forth. However, the face value does not reflect the true value of gold coins. The actual price is calculated in conjunction with the latest spot prices.

Design of Chinese Panda Gold Coins

The design of the Chinese Panda Coin changes significantly every year, which is quite rare in the gold bullion market. As a consequence, the coins have the unique selling point of being limited additions which give them extra numismatic value as well as being 99.9% pure gold.

The only years when the design of the gold Panda coins was not changed was in 2001 and 2002. However, the Mint’s decision to leave the design unchanged sparked outrage amongst avid collectors subsequently encouraging the manufacturers to continue updating the design.

Every year the coin features the giant panda with a variety of playful poses, often gnawing on a bamboo shoot together with young and coupled pandas in their natural habitat.

Although the depiction of the Panda featured on the reverse of the coins changes, the image of the Temple of Heaven, Beijing’s oldest Taoist temple, on the obverse side remains a constant and familiar feature.

Gold Chinese Panda Coins: IRA Investment

Made with .999 fineness, gold Chinese Panda coins qualify for IRA portfolios in accordance with strict rules stipulated by the IRS. Investors from the United States looking to diversify your pension fund can buy the coins online.

Typically, the coins come in 1/oz., 1/2oz., 1/4oz., and 1/10oz. although in recent years the coins have become available in 5oz, 12oz and even 1 kilogram, an amendment which was made to meet collector and investor demands. The largest to date is a 5-kilogram coin, which when weighed and measured is comparable to a car hub plate.

Due to the popularity and limited mintage of Chinese Panda gold coins, it is strongly advised to order your coin in advance to avoid disappointment.

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