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    Control Your Retirement with a Palladium IRA

    The increasing demand for Palladium is a strong indication the “white-gold” is an upticking asset that will provide long-term investors with a positive return in years to come. Precious metals are a proven financial safe haven, and although Palladium is a relatively new commodity compared to gold and silver, its importance to modern technology reinforces its value.

    As a savvy investor, you will understand the importance of diversifying your retirement portfolio. Because palladium prices move in the opposite direction to gold and silver, this is a precious metal that performs well in a healthy economy. And because the white-gold is in higher demand than platinum, it represents a strong asset that will buoy any investment portfolio.

    Self-Directed Palladium IRA

    Palladium IRA’s are self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). They give investors more freedom in the choice of investment you want to make and allow you to take more control of your savings.

    Investing in a palladium IRA enables you to accrue tax-deferred interest and offers the possibility of benefitting from attractive tax deductions. Self-directed IRA’s are protected under federal bankruptcy laws to ensure assets are secured and can be passed down to beneficiaries after your death with little or no tax implications.

    Not only that, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) insist that the quality of palladium assets are of the highest-quality. Rules and regulations state palladium bullion coins and bars must be at least 99.95% purity. This provision ensures the precious metals you buy for your palladium IRA will still have value in the future.

    Find out which palladium coins and bars you can add to your precious metals IRA.

    Benefits Of Palladium IRAs

    Diversify your portfolio
    Self-directed IRA’s enable investors to create lasting wealth and give you more spending power when you retire. Smart investors know the importance of creating a diverse retirement portfolio. By including palladium coins and bars, you secure your store of wealth can look forward to enjoying the life you deserve once you the free time on your hands.

    Tax benefits
    Including precious metals in your retirement portfolio provides you with tax-free benefits and the potential to receive significant tax deductions once you retire. The IRS allows investors to store precious metals without paying tax, allowing you to foster your earnings and accrue more interest on your retirement fund.

    High Demand
    Palladium is a rare and conductive metal that is used widely in significant industries including automotive, electricals and emerging technologies. Because industries rely on the silvery-white metal to create essential products, the demand for palladium will keep the price moving in a positive direction for investors. The markets that use palladium are bigger than platinum, meaning white-gold is likely to grow more than other investment vehicles in its class.

    Protected investment
    While gold and silver are recognised as solid investments for storing wealth when markets slowdown, palladium thrives in a strong economy. Because precious metals are not tethered to the US dollar they can be more lucrative than other paper-based commodities and support the growth of your retirement fund over the long-term.

    Roll-Over 401(k)
    If you already have a traditional IRA, 401(k) or 403(a) you can roll it over into a palladium IRA and boost your retirement stocks under one policy. By taking advantage of a rollover, you are eligible for tax breaks offered by precious metal IRA’s, and providing you deposit the funds into your retirement account within 60 days, will not be penalised.

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