GoldIRA: Precious Metals Deals Investors Can Trust

By MasterAdmin

It’s hardly surprising the American public has lost faith in the financial institutions.  The truth about failed investment policies and the widespread corruption throughout the financial sector has stirred public opinion about investment banks and the government. Due to the growing number of financial scandals year-on-year, the United States has been labelled one of the most corrupt nations in the world.  Subsequently, American investors have lost faith in the financial system, the political system and judicial system.

To be honest, so have we! And we’re taking a stance to do something about it! is reinventing the process of buying and selling precious metals.

After more than a combined 75 years in the financial industry, the team at GoldIRA is tired of witnessing the good people of America getting ripped off by greedy gold dealers and other financial institutions.  To remedy the sickness, we are introducing a new business model that allows investors to buy and sell precious metal products in a self-directed Gold IRA without having to pay over the odds on your investment. charges the lowest fees in the United States – and that’s a promise!

Gold IRA: Take Control Of Your Investment Portfolio

A Gold IRA is a self-directed account which means you have more control over your retirement account and can choose from a broader range of assets to build your nest egg.  Because you are in control of your own pension fund, you don’t have to deal with dispassionate financial custodians that only care about investing in assets that earn them a bigger bonus.

Whilst financial dealers and gold merchants present themselves as “respectable and trustworthy”, the majority are not. Some precious metals dealers charge a markup of 30% over the dealer price.  Needless to say, fees with such high percentages are extortionate and undervalue the returns on your precious metal products. don’t charge this! We only take a three percent cut over dealer prices – and you won’t find a better deal than that anywhere in the United States.

Furthermore, we aim to provide legendary customer service. To give you even more peace of mind, we offer a Price Promise Gurantee – when you buy precious metal products from us, we request first refusal to repurchase them back from you when you are ready to liquidate your assets.

How Does Help Investors?

The current system for buying and selling gold is outdated and expensive. Gold dealers charge such high fees in order to cover their costs and still make a handsome profit. intend to take advantage of modern technologies and reinvent the system. Our business model allows investors to buy gold and other precious metals for low sell-on fees so that you make more from your investment.

The FinTech revolution promises to eradicate corruption in the financial markets, and GoldIRA intend to be pioneers in ushering in a fairer pricing system.  Our business model prioritises the interests of our customers. We put your needs first and dispose of abusive practices and extortionate fees that are rife through the precious metals industry.

By taking advantage of financial technologies, has significantly reduced our overheads – and we are passing our savings on to our customers!

Why invest in a Gold IRA?

Now the truth is coming out about the shortfall in traditional 401(k)’s, workers are looking for alternative investment opportunities.