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Today’s financial markets are volatile and the price of quality assets that provide a good yield is often mediocre at best. Other times they are a gamble. Investors looking to create a retirement fund you can rely on should look to diversify your investment portfolio by adding safe-haven assets. Gold and annuities are both solid investments that should not be overlooked.

Why invest in annuities

Annuities are a popular investment tool for retirees because they represent a safe monthly income floor. As an investment vehicle, annuities are one of the few assets that are properly structured to guarantee investors a regular yield thus do a good job of cushioning an uncertain income void. However, annuities do not perform well against interest over the long-term so are best purchased when you retire or close in on retirement.

Whilst it is possible to make a lump sum payment, the majority of annuity plans involve making periodic payments into an insurance fund. Annuity programs offer tax-deferred growth on earnings and have no limit on the amount you want to contribute which is a benefit for forward-thinking investors looking to build a retirement fund.

There are typically three types of annuities available; fixed, indexed and variable. The mechanics of the plan you choose impact the investment, payout, and regulations that come with the product. You will also have to pay commission fees with a portion of your original investment capital. It is also possible to transfer annuities to an IRA or Gold IRA without incurring any tax penalties.

Why invest in Gold

Gold has a solid reputation as a safe haven investment. Used as a functional commodity and an investment vehicle, the precious metal has a proven history of building a store of wealth over the long-term. Gold and other precious metals are therefore an ideal choice for young investors to add to a retirement portfolio.

Because gold performs well in times of financial crisis, professional traders use precious metals to hedge against paper-based assets and weakened fiat currencies. As the US dollar continues to decline and create higher inflation, gold acts as a defense against a fluctuating market and always gains value against stock market volatility.

Gold is also a finite asset that is in constant demand across a number of high-impact industries including electronics, automotive and emerging technologies. The value of gold will always increase over time thus should be included in your retirement plan.

Contact Gold IRA

Gold IRA provide professional financial advice and assistance to ensure you are well informed during your financial planning. We recommend including both annuities and gold in your financial retirement portfolio together with other financial instruments that work for your retirement fund.

When to buy gold or annuities depends on your personal circumstances together with the condition of the stock markets.

For more information, speak with one of our knowledgable advisors today.