Bitcoin VS. Gold

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The meteoric rise of Bitcoin prices in 2017 captivated the imaginations of investors. Cryptocurrencies may be the currency of the future, however, there are significant concerns regarding the reliability of Bitcoin as an investment today. Gold has a strong history that consistently proves the yellow metal is a reliable store of wealth.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most exciting financial instruments on the market right now. There is potential for investors to earn considerable gains, but in a highly volatile market, there is also potential to lose your stake. However, between impending government regulations and extreme market volatility,  the future of cryptocurrencies is uncertain.

There are certainly advantages to owning Bitcoin. There is a strong likelihood that countries around the world will become cashless societies and the global financial system will be fully digital. However, Bitcoin’s role in this future is unknown.

If this should happen, Bitcoin represents an exceptional investment opportunity. However, banks are also developing digital tokens and government regulations may stunt the growth, or even ban the use of Bitcoin. Overall, as an investment aimed at securing your retirement, there is far too much uncertainty to categorically judge whether Bitcoin will hold its value.

Why Invest in Gold? 

Gold has been used as a store of wealth for over 5000 years and its value has consistently increased over time. Investors trust gold as a historically proven asset that performs well in times of financial uncertainty and can be used to hedge against the volatility of paper-backed assets.

Furthermore, the value of gold lies in its low supply and consistently high demand. Gold is a tangible asset, of which there is a limited amount in the world. Unlike fiat currencies, precious metals cannot be “printed” and therefore their value cannot be inflated. Meanwhile, if world government regulators should move against digital currencies, it would be difficult for these digital assets to hold their value in the future.

Historically speaking, gold is by far the best-proven hedge against economic downturns. While assets backed by the US-dollar struggle to hold their value during recessions, investors can trust gold to increase in value significantly during these times. Bitcoin has only existed for 13 years, and as a result, is entirely unproven during financial crises.

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