Buying gold in retirement

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Gold has become a popular choice for investors looking to stabilise their retirement portfolio. The precious metal has the ability to maintain its value over the long-term and enjoys substantial uplifts during times of economic crisis and growing inflation. From a standpoint of capital preservation, gold is a commodity that is capable of protecting retirement funds.

Why Buy Gold?

Precious metals thrive during times of financial instability. When the economy experiences difficult periods, pension funds never retain their promised capital income. By diversifying your retirement portfolio with gold, investors hedge against a debased inflation and positively support your retirement earnings.

Beneficiary Designation

The rise in gold prices over the past 40 years has increased by over 3700%. In contrast, S&P 500 has increased 2400%. Furthermore, gold is a commodity that represents value in its own right. If banks should collapse, fiat currencies will be worthless whereas gold prices will soar.

How to buy gold for retirement

Gold bullion is regarded as a collectable. Ordinarily, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not allow “collectable” assets to be used as a retirement fund. However, new laws passed in the late 1990’s permit investors to buy gold for retirement by way of a 401 (k) rollover or as part of a self-directed IRA.

401 (k) Retirement funds

Many investors find their 401 (k) steadily decreases in value due to poor stock performance. Subsequently, more people are investing in exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) because they have a price-per-share. However, because ETF’s include management fees and are in essence paper gold, they are not as lucrative as owning physical gold. Investors with 401(k)’s that allow an “in-service rollover” are better off switching to a self-directed IRA.

Self Directed Gold IRA

Self-directed IRA’s give investors the option to add gold and other precious metals to your retirement portfolio. Gold-backed IRA’s are the preferred choice because gold performs better than other precious metals and secures wealth when the economy hits a rough patch. Furthermore, the IRS only allows high-grade gold bullion such as the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf coins, meaning investors will not experience any difficulties selling the gold when you are ready to convert your bullion to cash.

Gold IRA specialise in helping investors make the right investment choices to protect your retirement portfolio.

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