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When planning your retirement portfolio, both gold and equities provide attractive advantages to maximize and protect your retirement funds. During strong economic years,  purchasing equities can provide strong rewards, however, these dollar-backed assets carry significantly larger risks during economic downturns. Gold and other precious metals provide a “safe-haven” investment opportunity to protect your funds against financial uncertainty.

Profitable Dividends 

Investing in equities can be profitable. In a strong economy when businesses are thriving, investors can also receive income from their shares in the form of dividends. However, in order to recover notable dividends, a significant up-front investment must be made in a profitable business.

For the average retirement investor, the income received on his or her shares in a company will be minimal. It is also important to mention that established companies promise guaranteed dividends to a higher number of shareholders, hence further lowering the returns.

The Risk of Investing in Equities

As with any asset class, the rewards of these investments do not come without risk. History shows that financial instruments in this category have failed to maintain the purchasing power of investors, even when receiving annual dividends. There is also the underlying risk of a company falling into insolvency and your investment losing its entire value.

Any investment that solely holds its value in the US dollar may pose a significant risk to your retirement fund due to the threat of economic instability we face. As the devastating United States national debt continues to grow exponentially, the future of fiat currencies and the equities they support is certainly at risk.

One hundred years of history show us that the current financial markets cannot guarantee the safety of your hard-earned retirement funds. Both the success and failure of the equities market rely on entirely unstable foundations. Precious metals remove you from said systems entirely. Gold investors typically are not looking for huge short-term dividends, but recognize both the lower risks and potentially higher upside in light of an impending crash.

Invest in Physical Gold

There are several ways to invest in gold, including mining stocks, ETFs, or physical coins and bars. ETFs or “paper gold” are widely considered the least reliable method through which to invest in precious metals. For this reason, most investors opt for gold bullion in the form of coins and bars. These physical assets represent the most proven option due to their high demand and the consistently strong market for liquidation.

Planning for retirement is speculative, therefore deciding which investments will best protect your retirement fund is not a simple decision. The strongest investment portfolios contain a blend of gold and other precious metals alongside various equities. Our experts are available to help you make an informed decision based on your retirement goals.

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