Mutual Funds VS. Gold

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Savvy investors understand the value that true diversity can bring to their portfolios. A combination of gold bullion and mutual funds can offer your retirement portfolio increased flexibility while affording you safety and security, as well as opportunity for significant gains. Enjoy the perks of complementing existing mutual funds with gold in your retirement portfolio.

Why Invest in Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a highly dynamic financial instrument with the capacity to navigate both bull and bear markets. The goal behind mutual funds is to spread your investment across a number of financial vehicles so that losses in one sector may be offset with gains in another. This principle relies on the concept that if one stock falls, another will rise.

However, investing in mutual funds can be complex and requires a great deal of planning. Only investors with knowledge of money markets are advised to invest in mutual funds independently. Otherwise, investors are recommended to seek out management by an experienced professional.

Although mutual fund investments incur both entry and exit costs, the fees are relatively low. Furthermore, mutual funds are highly liquid, so investors can withdraw and cash in their earnings within a matter of hours. 

Why Invest in Gold?

For thousands of years, gold has been utilized both as a currency backing as well as currency itself. The highly-prized precious metal has existed as the foundation of safety as a source of wealth, and will always hold its value. As a long-term investment tool, gold has delivered extremely high gains on capital.

Even professional currency and equities traders utilize gold to offset losses in other asset classes across their portfolios. Gold provides the perfect hedge against the decline of paper-based assets as well as that of fiat currencies. As the value of the US dollar continues to fall and create higher prices and inflation, gold will continue to resist fluctuations in the market and is the safe haven to secure your wealth against a financial catastrophe.

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