Treasuries VS. Gold

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When planning any retirement portfolio, individuals should utilize a variety of investment instruments in order to best secure their wealth. Within the “safe-haven” asset class, many investors seek this diversity in Treasury bonds (T-bonds) and gold bullion. Both these assets have a low tolerance risk and can gradually generate income over the long term.

Why Invest in Treasuries?

Treasury bonds are tethered to the US dollar and are backed by the faith of the federal government. Unlike equity investments, T-bonds do not fluctuate as violently as equities and earn a steady rate of interest over the term of the bond – typically five years. 

Although there are clear benefits in purchasing Treasuries, they are not the best investment opportunity for all investors saving towards retirement. T-bonds yield relatively low returns of 2-3% interest, thus are not reliable as a solitary investment tool over the long term.

The best time to invest in T-bonds is during retirement as they provide a consistent and reliable return.  Individuals gearing up for retirement would do well to look towards Treasuries to create a safe income stream during retirement. Young investors are best advised to buy gold and reap the long-term rewards of precious metals.

Why Invest in Gold? 

Gold is widely recognized as an inflation hedge and offers long-term yields. Precious metals have earned their status as a safe haven due to their reliability in protecting retirement funds against the decreasing value of paper-based assets in a weak economy.

As with any investment tool, gold fluctuates in price. However, the key strength of a precious metals investment lies in its capacity to increase in value over time. Gold and other precious metals are the best options for investors looking to diversify a retirement portfolio.

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