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At GoldIRA, we always act in the best interests of our clients, giving them the confidence to make informed decisions about precious metals investments along the way. Not only do we take pride in our honesty and integrity but also being the primary anti-counterfeiting gold dealer in the United States. When you choose us, you’re choosing the country’s first dealer to provide a bullion guarantee and certificate of authenticity to verify the purity and origination or your chosen precious metals.

Peace of Mind through our in-house digital technology

It’s never a good idea to risk your retirement with eBay fakes and coin shop counterfeits, however tempting it may be. With a little education and understanding, you’ll realize that it pays to obtain your precious metals investments from a reputable firm. As a veteran coin and bar dealer, GoldIRA utilizes in-house digital technology to authenticate the products we sell and offer you complete peace of mind.

Our world-class metals assayers assess the surface features, plating and main body of our metals with the assistance of non-destructive professional metal testers. The mint-level, state-of-the-art testers used to analyze our coins and bars include the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier and the Bullion DNA Authentication Unit from the Royal Canadian Mint.

  • The Sigma Metalytics Verifier

To authenticate our coins and bars, the Sigma Metalytics Verifier uses electromagnetic waves without the use of harmful acids, gels or filing. These electromagnetic waves can penetrate 3 mm or more into the main body of a coin or bar within seconds to assess the purity of the metal and identify attempts at plating. What’s more, the Verifier can authenticate through plastic cases, meaning graded coins do not need to be removed from their protective holders.

  • The Bullion DNA Authentication Unit

Over the past few years, the Royal Canadian Mint has micro-engraved its gold and silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins with a special anti-counterfeiting mark that is comprised of a textured maple leaf and the coin’s production year. By being a member dealer of the Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Program, GoldIRA is authorized to authenticate these coins using the Bullion DNA Authentication Unit. With the unit, we can capture the encrypted string of code and check it against the Mint’s secure database.

GoldIRA welcomes you to come visit our assayers in our Beverly Hills offices, and see how our in-house digital technology works first-hand. That’s right, we’ll authenticate your precious metals right before your eyes and help you to differentiate between a fake and the real deal.

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