Australian Koala Platinum Coins

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Australian Koala Platinum coin


  • .9995 fineness
  • Award-winning series
  • Limited mintage
  • Backed by Australia’s Central Reserve Bank
  • Minted to highest bullion standard
  • Eligible for Gold IRA

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Produced by the Perth Mint, the impressive Australian Koala platinum coin is an award-winning series and one of the few platinum coins that is consistently produced year on year. Manufactured to the highest quality and made from 99.95% pure platinum, the Australian Koala coin is another welcome addition for investors looking to diversify and strengthen your pension plan.

History of Australian Koala Platinum Coins

Originally struck in 1988, the 1. oz Australian Koala was the first platinum coin to be manufactured by the Perth Mint. The program shares commonalities with the weights and design of the gold and silver Koala collections although the platinum coins typically have a lower mintage due to the scarcity and high demand of this precious metal.

Thanks to the popularity of the Australian Koala series, higher denominations of the coins were struck in 1991. Subsequently, investors can purchase platinum coins weighing 2.oz, 10 oz and 1kg. At the time, one kilogram was the heaviest bullion coin in the world.

Why buy Platinum Koala Coins

Financial experts say platinum is a better investment than gold. The reason being because so many industries relay on the precious metal to manufacture products. For example, the metal is used for the making catalytic convertors thus is a vital commodity to the automotive industry in their attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the Chinese have announced an intention to mine trillions of dollars worth of platinum from asteroids. Many other countries will follow suit. Given platinum is important to the energy efficiency of the planet, there will be huge investment opportunities for savers to boost spending power.

The best option for investors to add platinum to a pension portfolio is to buy Platinum Koala coins. These attractive coins feature the adorable Australian Koala and is a proven asset class thanks to its intricate design, purity and numismatic value to collectors.

Not only that, the Perth Mint limits the annual mintage of platinum coins. The scarcity makes the Australian Koala even more valuable. As a store of wealth that adds value to your investment portfolio, the platinum Australian Koala is a smart choice to diversify your IRA.

The value denoted on the obverse side of the coins is only a symbolic face value and does not reflect the actual value of these coins. In today’s economic climate, platinum coins are worth much more.

Design of Australian Koala Platinum Coins

The design featured on the reverse side of the Australian Koala platinum coin changes every year, but the endearing image of the cuddly marsupial in its natural habitat remains a constant.

Koalas are a national treasure of Australia and the images on these gold coins pay tribute to these adorable creatures. The designs are meticulously illustrated, and together with the high-grade level of engineering performed by the Perth Mint, platinum coins are impossible to counterfeit.

On the obverse side of the coins is the familiar image of Queen Elizabeth II confirming Australia is a member of the Commonwealth. The right-facing portrait of Her Majesty was imagined by Ian Rank-Broadley.

Gold Australian Koala Coins: IRA Investment

The IRS has strict rules about the quality of coins that are eligible for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) in the United States. Only coins manufactured to the highest standards are permitted. The Australian Koala platinum coins qualify thanks to the 99.95% fineness and high-profit potential of the platinum coins.

Not only that, but Australian bullion coins are recognised throughout the world. The platinum Koala collection is a particular favourite and has won awards for their numismatic value and premium engineering. Platinum Koalas therefore have high-liquidity and can be easily sold when the time comes to distribute your wealth.

Platinum is also a highly sought after commodity. The precious metal is a crucial component for hundreds of products thus is in high demand across numerous industries. Indeed, the demand is so high that countries are stepping up plans to mine more platinum to meet market demands. Platinum Koala coins therefore promise to accrue a substantial profit and represents a solid long-term investment.

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