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  • .999 and .9999 fineness
  • Limited mintage
  • Backed by the Australia's Central Reserve Bank
  • Minted to bullion standard
  • Eligible for precious metals IRA

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The Australian Kookaburra silver coin is part of the Perth Mint’s revered collection of bullion coins that feature unique animals synonymous with Australia. Manufactured using advanced minting techniques, the limited mintage boasts a 99.9% fineness, making the Australian Kookaburra coin another opportunity to strengthen your pension portfolio.

History of Australian Silver Kookaburra Coins

Originally struck in 1990, the silver Kookaburra extended the popular collection of coins that feature animals previously produced by the Perth Mint.

The design of the Kookaburra coins change each year and feature special versions of the bird including the laughing Kookaburra. Australian coins also features special privy marks such as the zodiac privy series which pays tribute to the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Perth Mint typically limit mintages to a fixed number. The 1.oz silver Kookaburra coins are limited to a mintage of just 500,000 bullion a year. This makes the coins highly sought after by investors and promise to bring higher prices than the current spot price.

Not only that, Australian Kookaburra coins boast a purity silver content of 99.9 percent. The fineness was increased to 99.99 per cent in 2018 to bring them in line with other silver coins available on the bullion market.

In edition to the 1oz coin, the Perth Mint also manufacture a 10oz and 1kg version of the silver Australian Kookaburra in order to appeal to investors of all budgets. These denominations have unlimited copies and are readily available on the bullion market.

Why buy Silver Kookaburra Coins

Silver is a safe haven investment that is trusted by professional traders to hedge against commodities feathered to fiat currency. In times of economic slow downs the price of silver rises thus is an asset that effectively diversifies investment portfolios.

In addition, the Perth Mint limits the annual mintage of the one ounce coins to 500,000 pieces thus they invariably sell out. Because the silver Kookaburra forms part of a much-sought after set of Australian coins produced by the Perth Mint, the silver Kookaburra has numismatic value and high-liquidity.

There are only three denominations, each of which have a comparative face value; 10oz ($1), 1oz. ($10) and 1kg ($30). However, the actual value of the coins is worth much more that the symbolic price and is calculated in conjunction with the current spot price.

Design of Silver Australian Kookaburra Coins

Kookaburras are native kingfisher birds that flourish in Australia. To pay tribute to these indigenous creatures, the Perth Mint chose to include the Kookaburra on the silver coins to compliment the gold kangaroo, koala platinum and palladium emus.

The images of these meticulously crafted coins change each year and show the kookaburra in various varieties, often including features of its natural habitat in the background.

Furthermore, the Perth Mint manufacture all their coins to the highest security standards to make the coins impossible to replicate. One of the features of the kookaburra silver coins are the privy marks which are also adapted each year.

The obverse side features the right-facing image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a familiar image on the coins of all nations in the British Commonwealth.

Silver Australian Kookaburra Coins: IRA Investment

The Australian Kookaburra is one of the few silver coins that qualify for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) under United States legislation. These coins therefore represent a prime opportunity for smart investors to accrue a store of wealth.

The IRS has strict rules regarding the coins which are eligible for IRAs.  Only coins manufactured to the highest quality specifications are permitted. Thanks to the 99.9% purity, silver Kookaburra coins make the grade and subsequently represent a prime opportunity for investors to bolster your purchasing power in retirement.

Furthermore, Australian bullion coins are recognised by collectors and traders all over the world. Because silver Kookaburra coins extend the collection of the Perth Mint’s animal series, they are classed as a collectors item and have the potential to fetch more than the spot price.

Silver is also a trusted investment tool and an excellent choice to diversify your pension fund to hedge against paper-based assets that typically lose value during times of financial difficulty.

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