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  • .999 fineness
  • Legal tender in the UK
  • Backed by UK government
  • Minted to highest bullion standard
  • Eligible for Silver IRA

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Silver is an important asset class that is used to diversify investment portfolios and hedge against inflation. As one of the most attractive products on the precious metals market, British Britannia Silver coins represent an excellent investment for any retirement fund. Manufactured by the Royal Mint with a silver purity of 99.9%, the Britannia silver coin has numismatic value with the potential to fetch more than the silver spot price.

History of British Britannia silver coins

Regarded as one of the most enigmatic bullion designs of all time, Britannia has a long, illustrious history that adds to the charm and appeal of British Britannia silver coins.

The iconic image of the ancient Roman goddess of protection reflects the personification of Britain and Rome as all-conquering nations. Her heroic stance first appeared on coins in ancient Britain during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 119 and was later revived by Charles II in 1672.

Since then, Britannia has featured on several circulated coins in the UK including the penny piece and the 50p piece. The modern Silver Britannia bullion coins were first struck by the Royal Mint in 1987 and contained .958 pure silver. The purity was increased to .999 fineness from 2013 following the advancements of minting technologies.

Why buy Britannia silver coins

British Britannia coins are recognised as one of the best silver bullion on the precious metals market. The coins feature a rich silver content, an enduring design and are manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship and security.

The British Royal Mint is regarded as the world’s leading mint and manufacturer coins with such precision they are impossible to counterfeit. Furthermore, Britannia silver coins are recognised as legal tender in the UK, and their weight and purity is guaranteed by the British sovereignty.

Subsequently, silver Britannia coins are highly sought after by investors and collectors alike. They therefore have numismatic value and high liquidity. In addition coins manufactured from 2013 and onwards qualify for self-directed precious metal IRAs.

Design of Britannia silver coins

The heroic figure of Britannia proudly holding her trident and shield is an enduring figure that represents the success and stability of the British Empire throughout the ages.

One of the features that make the British Britannia silver coins such a collectible product is the design often changes. Sometimes Britannia is seen in a standing position looking out across the sea or drawn by horse and chariot, whilst other times she is regally seated.

The distinguishing trademarks of Britannia however are always present; the Union Jack emblazoned on her shield suggests Britain is protected, and the trident which represents the three qualities of progression; creation, destruction and preservation.

The obverse side of Britannia silver coins from 2013 is the right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II produce by the Royal Mint’s official artist, Jody Clark.

British Britannia silver coins: IRA Investment

British Britannia silver coins are an excellent addition to self-directed precious metal IRAs. However, it should be noted that only silver Britannia coins produced from 2013 are eligible for pension funds.

The IRS has strict rules with regards the quality of silver coins that qualify for precious metal IRAs. Only products that contain the highest purity of silver are permitted. Because the Royal Mint did not make Britannia silver coins with a .999 fineness until 2013, coins prior to this date do not qualify for precious metal IRAs.

However, Britannia silver coins manufactured post 2013 represent an excellent opportunity to add a store of value to your retirement portfolio. Silver coins produced by the Royal Mint are guaranteed by the UK government and recognised internationally.

Not only that but silver is an excellent choice of investment to hedge against paper-based assets. When the economy takes a downturn, silver and other precious metals increase in value, thus are a sensible choice for investors to diversify your retirement portfolio.

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