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First struck in 2016, the Queen’s Beasts coin collection is a unique opportunity to invest in British pageantry. With reverse designs based on heraldic beasts from medieval history, the coins are exquisitely crafted and made with a .9995 fineness. Since 2017, the Royal Mint has produced the platinum bullion range for the Queen’s Beasts collection to complement its highly gold and silver range.

History of British Queen’s Beasts Coins

When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was crowned at Westminster Abbey on the 2nd of June 1953, her procession was guarded by 10 beasts. The golden sculptures were the work of the renowned artist James Woodford RA, and are currently exhibited at the Canadian Museum of History. The 10 sculptures are now immortalised in the designs of the Queen’s Beasts coin collection.

Each of the Beasts in question represent a noble coat of arms of elite families that have played a significant role in moulding the British monarchy into what it is today. These range from royal armorial bearings to medieval noble families who fought for the crown. The coins are therefore a fascinating illustration of the British royal family’s historical journey.

Why buy Queen’s Beast Platinum coins

British platinum bullion coins are a valuable asset for investors. Bullion coins are considered a safe haven commodity by experienced investors and professional traders and the Queen’s Beast platinum coins add value to any retirement portfolio. The Queen’s Beasts series are also unique works of art, making them a highly desirable collectors items in their own right.

The Royal Mint has a deserved reputation as one of the world’s best precious metal refineries, and give buyers confidence in the value of their bullion products. The Queen’s Beasts platinum collection boast a purity of 0.9995 and its value is also guaranteed by Her Majesty’s government.

As the collection’s obverse carries Queen Elizabeth II’s profile, each coin is legal tender in the United Kingdom. As well as this, British currency is highly valued in hundreds of countries throughout the world. The 1.oz platinum Queen’s Beast coins have a face value of £100 but the face value is only be a fraction of the coin’s real worth on the open market.

Design of British Queen’s Beasts Platinum coins

The Queen’s Beasts platinum coins are miniature versions of original sculptures created for the Queen’s coronation at Westminster Abbey. They have been intricately reimagined by the Royal Mint’s lead engraver, Jody Clark, to form the coins’ reverse.

Each of the 10 designs represents the history of the crown of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Each design will be minted and released at regular periods over the coming years, with a final edition in 2020. The release schedule is as follows:

– The Lion of England – released March 2016
– The Griffin of Edward III – released November 2016
– The Red Dragon of Wales – released March 2017
– The Unicorn of Scotland – released September 2017
– The Black Bull of Clarence – released March 2018
– The Falcon of the Plantagenets – released September 2018
– The Yale of Beaufort – released September 2018
– The White Lion of Mortimer – released September 2019
– The White Horse of Hannover – released March 2020
– The White Greyhound of Richmond – released September 2020

Her Majesty’s profile used by the Royal Mint is the “Fifth Portrait” design. Again created by Jody Clark, this depiction of Queen Elizabeth II recognises her reign at the time of her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017.

British Queen’s Beast Platinum Coins: IRA Investment

The British Queen’s Beasts platinum coin collection is among the bullion exclusively allowed by US investment laws to form part of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The IRS has very strict rules regarding the type of collectibles permitted for pension funds, and bullion coins have to be manufactured to the highest quality and purity.

The platinum Queen’s Beasts coin therefore represent an excellent investment option for precious metal IRA’s as it is offers both liquidity and a reliable store of value. As with all Royal Mint collections, this highly crafted, unique coin is a superb addition to any investment portfolio.

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