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Isle of Man Noble coins, also known as Isle of Man Nobles, Platinum Nobles, and sometimes Manx Nobles, are silver bullion coins that were minted on the Isle of Man, and island off the coast of Great Britain. This famous platinum coin was only produced for a total of six years, making it rarer than other similar bullion coins and consequently more valuable. Platinum is also an excellent option for investors who want to diversify your retirement portfolio. Thanks to their purity, weight and high standards of manufacturing, Isle of Man Noble coins are eligible for a precious metals IRA.

History of Isle of Man Noble Coins

The Isle of Man has a long history of minting coins of a very high quality. The Nobles were produced at the Pobjoy Mint, which is a private mint that mainly mints uncirculated coins. It was commissioned by the Isle of Man government to mint the first coins, and these were released in November 1983.

The Pobjoy Mint stopped producing the coins in 1989, so they were only produced for six years in total, a very short period of time compared to other platinum coins. The rarity of the coins adds to their value today. They were also the first platinum investment coins that could be purchased widely, and as a result they remain popular with collectors.

Why buy Isle of Man Noble Coins

Isle of Man Noble Coins are highly sought after for their meticulous designs and for the fact that they were only produced in small numbers and no longer minted. Although Isle of Man Noble Coins are not legal tender in the Isle of Man or anywhere else they do carry a value for investors. As a matter of fact, the sole purpose of minting the coins was for investing, and although they do have a face value, their price changes with the spot price of platinum on the market.

Physical platinum is an excellent option for diversifying portfolios. Not only is platinum rarer than gold or silver, but it is also independent of fluctuations in bonds and stocks. Platinum is used in various key industries due to its high conductivity and resistance to corrosion. It often goes up in value during periods of industrial growth, and during these times can be more expensive than gold. In addition, as investors increasingly recognize its value, platinum is becoming more liquid.

Design of Isle of Man Noble Coins

Isle of Man Noble Coins depict an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. However, while many other coins depict more recent representations of the Queen, these coins feature an image of her when she was younger. As well as the image of the Queen, the coins also include the year of mintage and the words “Elizabeth II” and “Isle of Man” surrounding the image.

The reverse of the coin features the famous Viking ship Thusly sailing on the ocean. This reflects the long history of Viking raids in Britain over the centuries. Along with the image of the Thusly, the coin also displays the weight denomination. The coins were minted in 10 denominations, but only five of these were issued widely, namely the 1/20 ounce, 1/10 ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce, and 1 ounce versions.

Isle of Man Noble Coins: IRA Investment

Investors who want to include precious metals in an IRA can only do so if the metals meet the strict purity requirements set by the IRS. Seeing as the Isle of Man Nobles have a .9995 fineness, they meet the bullion requirements for the minimum purity level and are therefore eligible for IRA investments.

Platinum is also an excellent option for diversifying an investment portfolio. Being such a rare metal, the price of platinum often goes higher than gold and the more important the precious metal is to modern industries the higher the demand and the higher the spot price will be because of the scarcity of the product. Furthermore, Isle of Man Platinum Noble coins are highly popular with collectors thus have high liquidity, making them an even more critical investment for retirement portfolios.

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