Mexican Libertad Silver Coins

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  • .999 silver
  • Limited mintage
  • Prized by collectors
  • Backed by Mexican Government
  • Minted to bullion standards
  • Eligible for precious metals IRA

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The Mexican Libertad is the most important silver bullion coin minted in Mexico. As well as being the official flagship bullion of the Mexican Government, the Liberetad is one of the most beautifully crafted coins in the world, and highly prized by collectors and investors alike. Mexico produces silver Libertad coins in smaller quantities than the their American neighbors, and this scarcity adds to their investment appeal. Combined with the fact silver Mexican Libertad qualify for precious metal IRAs, these delightful coins make an excellent addition to any retirement portfolio.

History of Mexican Libertad Coins

Mexico is a huge silver-producing nation, responsible for roughly 20 percent of the world’s silver production. It has a long history of minting, and Mexico City became home to the first mint to operate in the Americas when the National Mint of Mexico opened in 1535.

The Mexican Silver Libertad Coin was produced for the very first time in 1982, and quickly became a popular investment piece. Initially only available in one-ounce, in 1991 the Mexican Mint took the decision to produce additional denominations of the coin to appeal to a wider audience. All Mexican Libertad coins feature the same design and the have a purity level of .999 fine silver.

The amount of coins produced each year differs. Production fell as low as a few hundred in 1999 but several million in other years. The scarcity of low mintage years make the coins more sought after and valuable.

Why buy Mexican Libertad Coins

Mexican Libertad coins are some of the most affordable silver coins on the bullion market, making them an excellent economical option for investors. Silver is also a more affordable investment option than gold, making it a good choice for investors who want to spend lower amounts on their coins. Real silver also adds diversification to portfolios, making it a sensible choice.

Besides the value of the coins and the high purity content, the fact that the coin also comes from the oldest mint in the Americas lends it high numismatic value, and this helps to make it a more liquid investment. In contrast to similar silver bullion coins from other countries, the Silver Libertad is not a recognized currency in Mexico or anywhere else. Its market value is mainly determined by the spot price of silver which means the coins are worth much more than the face value incorporated into the design.

Design of Mexican Libertad Coins

Mexican Libertad Coins are known for their delicate artwork. The design is the same on all coins and does not change each year like some silver bullion coins produced by other countries. On the obverse, the Angel of Independence, or “El Ángel,” is depicted, which is a victory column in Mexico City. In the background, the two volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl are pictured, both of which play an important role in the mythology of Mexico.

On the reverse, the Mexico coat of arms is pictured, which displays a golden eagle with a snake in its beak. More recent coins also have additional coats of arms surrounding this larger coat of arms.

From 1992 onwards, Silver Libertads have been minted in different sizes including 1/20 ounce, 1/10 ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce, and one ounce. In 1996, two-ounce and five-ounce versions were produced. There are even some one-kilogram versions, but they are very rare.

Mexican Libertad Coins: IRA Investment

Because Mexican Libertad Coins contain .999 fine silver, they are eligible for a precious metals IRA. The IRS has strict requirements for the purity of bullion coins that qualify as a retirement investment, and the Silver Libertads meet the requirement set by US legislation. On top of this, the relatively low mintage amounts mean there is a high demand for silver Libertad coins, making them a savvy option for investors.

Having physical silver is also an excellent way to add more diversification to a portfolio. Silver moves independently of stocks and bonds, and it is also a more affordable metal than gold or platinum, making it an excellent option for investors.

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