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Perth Mint Gold Bars are popular with investors for their high purity content and low premiums. In addition, they are guaranteed by the Australian government for extra investment security. Physical gold is a popular option for investors looking to diversify your retirement portfolios, and because Perth Mint gold bars qualify for a precious metals IRA, they make an excellent long-term investment.

History of Perth Mint Gold Bars

The Perth Mint is one of the most famous gold product manufacturers in the world and the oldest refinery still in operation in Australia. Using advanced minting techniques and the latest state-of-the-art technology, they have an excellent reputation and history of producing gold bars with an incredibly high purity level.

Located on the Swan River, the Perth Mint produces bars and coins using gold from the nearby mines which helps them adhere to responsible production stipulations. It is the official bullion mint of Australia, and is under the ownership of the Government of Western Australia. The refinery was originally established in 1899 to mint gold sovereigns for the British Empire but today has developed a world-recognised reputation in its own right.

Gold has long played an important role in Australia’s development, and bullion bars from the Perth Mint are of particular importance. The minted gold bars are produced in a range of sizes starting at just 1 gram and going up to 10 ounces. Being guaranteed by the Australian government makes them an even more popular option for investors.

Why buy Perth Mint Gold Bars

Gold is a favorite commodity for investors that want a diverse investment portfolio. The yellow metal has a strong history of performing well during times of economic strife and is typically used by fund managers as a hedge against currency-backed assets.

With a .9999 pure gold content, Perth Mint Gold Bars are a popular investment vehicle thanks to the high fineness which puts them among the purest gold bars minted anywhere in the world. Investors looking for the highest-quality gold on the bullion market, can be assured these assets are available from the Perth Mint.

The bullion bars are also guaranteed by the Australian government, which makes them more popular with investors. High-quality engineering also makes gold bars harder to counterfeit. Perth Mint gold comes in both cast and minted forms, with the cast bars having a lower premium over the spot price and minted bars being finer in appearance and therefore more appealing to investors.

Design of Perth Mint Gold Bars

Perth Mint Gold Bars are distinguished by their design. They feature the Perth Mint logo on the front, an elegant swan, together with the metal content, weight, and purity engraved underneath the swan logo. On the reverse side of the bars is a bouncing kangaroo, reflecting the importance of these fascinating creatures as a symbol of Australia.

The minted gold bars are currently produced in eight sizes, and they are especially attractive, making them the most popular options for investors. The gold bars often come presented in special tamper-evident cases for added security measures.

Perth Mint Gold Bars: IRA Investment

The IRS has strict requirements when it comes to the quality levels of gold and other precious metals. Only top-quality precious metal products qualify. Perth Mint Gold Bars are eligible for self-directed IRAs in accordance with US legislation thanks to their 99.99% fineness and meticulous manufacturing.

Furthermore, Gold is a popular option for investors to diversify your retirement portfolio. The yellow metal is always used by professional investors to hedge against paper-based investments that typically lose money during a slowdown in the economy.

The price of gold fluctuates daily, but it moves independently of stocks and bonds, and this makes it an excellent option to hedge against inflation. Not only that, but the price of gold is proven to increase overtime which makes it a sensible option for a retirement portfolio.

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