Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

Coins proven to be one of the most valuable assets investors can add to a retirement portfolio.

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars


  • .9999 fineness
  • Guaranteed by the Canadian Government
  • Minted to highest bullion standards
  • Eligible for precious metals IRA

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Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars are ranked among the premium quality gold bars in the world. Comprised of .9999 fine gold, these investment-grade bullion bars are not only some of the purest gold bars you can buy, they are also eligible for self-directed precious metal IRAs. Often referred to as RCM bars, these gold bars are desirable for investors who are keen to diversify their portfolios, and the fact that they are guaranteed by a sovereign government provides additional investment security.

History of Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint, which is called the Monnaie Royale Canadienne in French, is one of the most famous mints in the world. It has a long-standing history and proven reputation for innovation since it started producing gold back in 1911. A few years later, following the devastation of World War I, Britain paid off many of its debts using gold produced by the Canadian Mint.

Gold bars from the Royal Canadian Mint have long been known for their high purity standards, and the .9999 gold bullion coins that were produced at the mint in 1982 were the first coins in the world to have this purity level. As far as the gold bars are concerned, the .9999 fineness is now the standard purity level, but in 1999 the mint marked a world-first by minting the first ever .99999 fine gold.

These days, it boasts a level of purity and craftsmanship unmatched by many other mints around the world. It was also responsible for minting the medals used in both the 1988 and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Why buy Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

Gold from the Royal Canadian Mint has long been popular with investors, who favor it for its high level of purity and the craftsmanship that the mint is famous for. The mint has an excellent reputation worldwide, and because the gold is backed by the Canadian Government, this adds an extra level of security and peace of mind for investors. Indeed, only a small number of sovereign mints produce gold bars, and this makes gold bars from the Royal Canadian Mint highly desirable.

Gold itself is an excellent investment. It is a very valuable asset that is often added to portfolios as a way to hedge against inflation and has long been a stable investment for protecting wealth. Due to the purity of Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars, they are also eligible for the Precious Metals IRA, making them even more appealing for investors.

Design of Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

Gold bars do not vary in their designs as much as coins, but the gold bars minted at the Royal Canadian Mint, as with those produced at other mints, have a distinctive design that makes them instantly recognizable. On the obverse, the bars display the logo of the mint, and underneath this the weight, serial number, and purity of the gold bar are stamped.

On the reverse of each gold bar, a pattern of maple leaves is repeated, maple leaves being the official symbol of Canada. As for the sizes of gold bars that can be purchased, these vary. The 0.9999 fine gold bars are available in 1 ounce, 100 ounce, 400 ounce, and 1 kg versions.

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars: IRA Investment

The IRS has strict standards regarding the quality of gold that can be included in an IRA. US legislation states that gold used in a Precious Metals IRA must have a purity content of at least .995 fineness. Because the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars boast a .9999 fineness, they are eligible for inclusion in an IRA, making them popular with investors.

Gold is an excellent option for investors, and it has long been used to diversify portfolios and hedge against inflation. The price of gold moves independently of stocks and bonds, so is a good way to hedge against other investments. As a matter of fact, financial advisors and find managers always recommend adding gold to retirement funds in order to balance your retirement income and increase your purchasing power once you finish work.

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