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Valcambi Gold Bars


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Established in 1961 and operating under the business name Valori & Cambi, the Swiss precious metals refinery quickly cemented a reputation for manufacturing premium gold bars and rounds that surpass industry standards. Not long after their inauguration, the owners renamed the company Valcambi.

History of Valcambi Gold Bars

Due to the company’s early success, Valcambi was purchased by Credit Suisse bank who took control in the late 1960’s. When the investment bank decided to leave the precious metals business in the early part of the 21st Century, Valcambi was sold to European Gold Refineries.

Although controlled by an Umbrella company, Valcambi produces and distributes gold bars and rounds independently across a large global network. Recognised all over the world, their first-rate products are widely available and represent an excellent investment with a trusted brand.

Why buy Valcambi Gold Bars and Rounds

Gold bullion bars and rounds offer the same benefits as bullion coins but are better suited to investors that do not take an interest in the design, collectibility and numismatic value of gold products.

Ultimately, gold bars and rounds are recognised as a superior investment vehicle thanks to their low premiums, typically a fraction over spot prices. Valcambi is a leading Swiss refiner that is synonymous with quality, and produce gold bars and rounds in various sizes that are accessible to investors of all budgets.

Furthermore, Valcambi have a unique product known as CombiBars which are made from individual one gram cubes that break off. Valcambi bars are also made to the highest standards of engineering and boast a .9999 fineness. The products also come with a unique assay stamp that confirm their authenticity, purity and weight.

Professional investors and fund managers always choose gold because of its reputation to hedge against paper-backed assets. For investors looking to diversify your retirement portfolio, gold is the smart choice as it always performs well during downturns in the economy when fiat currencies notoriously underperform.

Design of Valcambi Gold Bars

Valcambi are recognised for producing unique products, evidenced by the popular CombiBars which can be broken off into individual pieces and distributed in smaller amounts. The company also mint products with two distinctive design features in accordance with the weight of the bullions bars.

Gold bars that weigh 100g or less have a rectangular design with rounded edges. Gold bars that weigh 250g or more do not have rounded edges. All Valcambi gold products feature three stamps as part of the design; the Valcambi Suisse mint mark, the purity and weight. There are various sizes of Valcambi gold bars ranging from one gram to one kilogram.

Valcambi Gold Bars and Rounds: IRA Investment

US laws stipulate that gold bars and rounds have to meet certain quality standards before they can be considered for an IRA investment. In order to protect the prospective income from your pension plan, the IRS does not permit investors to buy gold bullion for an IRA if it does not meet the highest quality standards.

Gold bars and rounds from Valcambi qualify because they are manufactured with a fineness of 999.99 or 999.9 which is the highest level of gold content it is possible to mint with today’s technology.

Thanks to the popularity of Valcambi gold bullion, the purity, various weights and high-quality levels of engineering, the company’s range of gold bars and rounds are available from multiple distributors in the bullion market and are subsequently easy to buy and sell. Furthermore, adding gold to your self-directed IRA provides you with tax benefits that are not available with other asset classes.

Financial advisors always recommend investors to diversify retirement portfolios with a good range of assets. Gold is a permanent favorite with investors because of its ability to perform well in times of financial crisis. When paper-based assets lose value, you can rely on gold bullion bars and rounds to recoup the losses and protect your purchasing power once you retire.

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