What is a Gold IRA?

  • Add Precious Metals To Your Retirement Portfolio

  • Benefits From Tax Advantages

  • Rollover 401(k) or Traditional IRA

  • Store Precious Metals At Home

As inflation rages through our economy, many Americans are left wondering what options they might have to protect themselves against the economic challenges that are rapidly approaching. The key to safeguarding your hard-earned savings is the Self-Directed IRA.

Often referred to as the “Gold IRA,” we help our fellow Americans take advantage of a PRIVATE account that utilizes PHYSICAL precious metals as well as other alternative assets, all of which are unavailable with traditional IRA accounts. These precious metals include gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, allowing for true diversity, and a reliable hedge against impending economic crisis.

Since its inception in the early 1990’s, the Gold IRA has steadily grown in popularity, allowing investors a sensible and effective opportunity to build a truly diverse retirement portfolio. As dollar-backed shares continue to decrease in value, these alternative assets provide an opportunity to maintain the value of your hard-earned wealth, regardless of tumultuous political, social, and economic times.


It is important to note the strict rules that must be followed (via IRS regulations) in regard to the physical metals eligible for purchase within your Gold IRA. Only precious metals of the highest fineness, sourced from National Mints & private refineries, are permitted.

These guidelines work to protect investors/retirees like yourself, in order to eliminate the risk of purchasing counterfeit products or precious metals that you may not be able to sell once you have ultimately decided to convert your assets back to cash.

Genesis Gold Group exclusively supplies our valued clients with IRA-eligible products, and we have made it our goal to maximize the value of your funds as you acquire bars and coins.

Our goal at Genesis Gold Group is to help first-time buyers and experienced investors. Our professional team of specialists is with you every step of the way, as we assist you in setting up your Gold IRA in 3 easy steps. 

What are the Tax Implications of a Gold IRA?

By utilizing the Self-Directed IRA, our clients incorporate physical precious metals into their retirement plans without incurring immediate tax consequences. By purchasing your precious metals within your Gold IRA account, you may be eligible for certain tax reductions, depending on your age and earnings bracket.

The sole taxable action within this account is associated with a withdrawal from your IRA, resulting from the sale of your precious metals. As with any taxable event, specific questions should be directed toward your tax accountant or CPA.

Rolling Over a 401(k) or Roth 401(k)

Many Americans have been forced to realize that the traditional 401(k) system often leaves retirees with inadequate funds to enjoy their golden years; many of whom are required to remain in gainful employment past the age of 65.

Fortunately, the Self-Directed Gold IRA allows you to avoid those concerns as you approach your retirement. At the age of 59 ½ , 401(k) plans are eligible for tax-free rollover into a new Self-Directed IRA. By doing so, you take ownership and control over the assets held within your plan and maximize your spending power upon your retirement.

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